Part Time

Midrasha Hebrew High School Director

Jewish Federation of Madison 6434 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI

About Midrasha Hebrew High School
Midrasha Hebrew High School, founded in 1975, is a Jewish Federation of Madison program, co-sponsored by Beth Israel Center, and Temple Beth El. The purpose of Midrasha is to provide students with experiences and educational opportunities that will strengthen their Jewish identity and encourage and stimulate their desire to learn about their heritage. Midrasha offers classes in Hebrew and Jewish Studies for students in grades 8 through 12, who need not be affiliated with a synagogue to enroll. In any given semester, the program attracts some 60 - 70 students.

Job Description
This is a part-time, non-exempt position supervising all aspects of the Midrasha program including creating curriculum, hiring staff, maintaining records, and being available to assist our students and their parents. The Director will also serve as liaison to the Midrasha committee and will work to publicize and coordinate the program within the community. You as Director will work with the host synagogues to oversee the proper and safe use of their buildings.

The Midrasha Director is expected to work an average of 10 hours per week, including 6 hours in attendance at and supervision of all Midrasha classes and 4 hours per week for additional preparation and administration for 30 weeks, for a total of not more than 300 hours total per year. In any week in which classes are not held more hours shall be devoted to administration and organization. The administrative work may be done offsite or from our offices. The Director is expected to be in attendance for all Midrasha programs whenever and wherever they take place.

The right candidate for this position will be very well versed not only in Jewish life, history and traditions (including some Hebrew), but must also be able to build and foster strong relationships with the youth enrolled in this program. Our Midrasha youth come to the program to learn various topics of study, but also to be mentored. Studying at Midrasha provides our students with an opportunity to develop a strong, positive identity and set of values within the framework of a united Jewish people.

Start Date TBD
The new hire for this position will most likely start towards the end of summer 2019.

To Apply
Submit resume to Alan Klugman, Interim Executive Director, at