Part Time

Midrasha Hebrew High School Director

Jewish Federation of Madison Madison WI

Position Description
Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Midrasha Director shall have responsibility for the community high school program for grades 8 - 12.

Qualifications: Training and experience in education; educational and organizational administration; Jewish education; curriculum; staff recruitment, supervision, training and development; knowledge of Jewish history, religion and culture, and Hebrew; solid writing and public speaking skills are among the preferred qualifications. Hands-on computer literacy preferred.

Midrasha: Midrasha is the Hebrew High School, a supplementary program, sponsored by the Federation in cooperation with Temple Beth El and Beth Israel Center. Midrasha has responsibility for post Bar and Bat Mitzvah Jewish education and enrolls 60+ students during the academic year. Madison High School foreign language credit is available for the Hebrew program.

1. In tandem with the Midrasha Committee, the Rabbis and Education Directors, continually seek to improve the curriculum, pedagogy and ancillary activities.

2. Development of in-service programs for teachers and provide consultative services to teachers to improve teaching ability, locate resources and materials and meet the needs of the students.

3. Recruitment, hiring, supervision, training, and evaluation of teachers.

4. On-site supervision of all aspects of the Midrasha program.

5. Development of each semester's handbook and registration process.

6. Registration and recruitment of students.

7. Maintenance of administrative records including attendance, health, parental permission forms, and evaluations.

8. Selection and purchase of materials.

9. Together with the Committee, development and supervision of the Budget.

10. Supervise Midrasha Incentive Award application process, approval and distribution.

11. Maintenance records for Midrasha Incentive Award distribution.

12. Staff support to the Midrasha Committee.

13. Other duties assigned as needed

Hours/Schedule: The Midrasha Director position is 10 hours per week, 20 weeks/year.

To Apply: Send your resume to