Bagels Forever

2947 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

P: (608) 231-2427
F: (608) 231-1249

Bagels Forever opened its retail bakery in Madison, Wisconsin, a big college town with a little bit of everything, in 1973. Well, almost everything. Before us, the area lacked that bit of heaven known as New York-style bagels. We couldn’t stand for that! Made from all-natural ingredients, boiled then hearth-baked, our bagels quickly earned their name as the real deal. Word got out, and today Bagels Forever bagels are sold in grocery stores throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. The original bakery on University Avenue is still here. We’re still making the authentic New York-style bagels people love. And four decades later, you can still get a fresh-from-the-hearth taste of our many varieties any day of the week!

Bagels Forever is kosher under the under the supervision of Rabbi Betsy Forester.