Caterers and Kosher Venues


B’Tayavon! Catering is an owner-operated catering company established in 1994, offering service at both Temple Beth El and Beth Israel Center. Kosher catering is available for events at Beth Israel Center, as well as for off-site events with prior arrangements for kosher kitchen rental. B’Tayavon specializes in good food, including classic Jewish and Middle Eastern dishes, and healthy options. Clients may work with set menus or make special requests, whether dietary or specific cuisines. B’Tayavon may be contacted by phone, 258-9526 or email,

Beth Israel Center, 1406 Mound Street, has kosher kitchen facilities, including separate work spaces, ranges and ovens for meat and dairy preparation. Anyone who wishes to host a kosher function may arrange for rental and use of the kitchen under supervision. Beth Israel maintains a list (available from the office, 256-7763) of caterers currently active and allowed to work in the kitchens without supervision. Anyone else may work in the Beth Israel kitchen, so long as a mashgiach attends to oversee compliance with kashrut. (Conservative: meat and dairy.)

Adamah Neighborhood Table has been serving the University of Wisconsin campus and greater Madison community since 2014. As Madison’s only kosher restaurant, Adamah offers only the highest quality food and beverage at their location within the UW Hillel building as well as catering throughout the area. Adamah features high quality kosher meats as well as the best vegetarian and vegan options - stop by and get a taste of the best matzah ball soup around!

Special event catering is always a priority for Adamah, so be sure to contact us before your next big event. UW Hillel offers a variety of different size rooms for your event or Adamah can come to your location for on-site catering. Large or small, Adamah can customize the perfect menu for any event.

Adamah Neighborhood Table’s Kosher Certification is provided by Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin and adheres to the strictest kosher guidelines to provide you with the peace of mind that you always getting the highest quality food and ingredients. For more information regarding Adamah Neighborhood Table or our kosher certification, please visit Adamah Neighborhood Table or email Jason Kierce.

The Minkoff Center at the Goodman Campus, which can accommodate many hundreds of people, includes a kosher commercial kitchen. The kitchen is full stainless steel. For information call the Federation, 278-1808 or email