Habonim-Dror Camp Tavor, Three Rivers, MI

5964 N. Sidney Place
Milwaukee, WI 53209

Eliza Moroni
P: (269) 215-1399
P: (800) 558-2867

Camp Tavor, with a maximum of 150 campers per session, a 4:1 camper to counselor ratio, and a strong commitment to an inclusive environment, Habonim-Dror Camp Tavor is the ideal place for campers to fully participate in building a lifelong community based on Jewish values and lasting friendships.

Camp Tavor sits on a 68-acre wooded campsite in Three Rivers, Michigan, midway between Chicago and Detroit. Campers from across the Midwest have gathered on the shore of Lake Kaiser since 1956 to have fun being themselves while developing a strong sense of social responsibility, a connection with Israel, and a personal Jewish identity. Because our programming is created by our youth for our youth, it’s not uncommon to see older and younger campers playing and laughing side-by-side, eating meals together, or deep in discussion. Many of our college-aged counselors grew up at Camp Tavor and they know how to bring out the best of each camper. Counselors encourage campers to take a leadership role in starting something new at camp while also working to build a close camp community.  For more information see the website.