The Greenbush Bakery

1305 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715

Marv and Barb Miller
P: (608) 257-1151 (Regent)
P: (608) 416-5544 (East Side)

Greenbush Bakery has donuts and other fried dough and pastry products certified kosher dairy under the supervision of Rabbi Kenneth Katz. Visit the website for more information.

Greenbush Bakery is committed to providing its patrons with products that are prepared with the utmost quality and of the freshest ingredients. In February of 1998 Marv and Barb fostered a partnership with the Jewish community in order to become a certified kosher dairy kitchen. In accordance to Jewish law, the Greenbush Bakery adheres to strict and high standards in order to maintain “Kashrut” throughout its operations. As a result of this commitment, the phrase “Kosher means quality” is visible in all of the Greenbush Bakery’s marketing and packaging elements, especially from the infamously trademarked "Donut Man".

Owner: Taylor Carlson