Yid Vicious

For over a decade, Yid Vicious has been astounding spectators and revelers alike with their keenly sophisticated yet whimsical version of klezmer, or Yiddish dance/folk music.  Whether making with the freykekhs at a wedding, cranking out the bulgars on a concert stage, or encouraging the friends of the bat mitzvah girl not to let her fall out of the chair they're holding aloft, Yid Vicious is known and beloved throughout the tri-state region for their musicianship, decorum and fun-loving ways.

In spite of its name (a play on the name Sid Vicious, the Sex Pistols’ storied “bass player”) Yid Vicious plays a fairly traditional brand of klezmer, which is fused with elements of the members’ varied individual musical backgrounds.  Historically, this is how klezmer has evolved.  (Also, it should be noted that every member of Yid Vicious, unlike Sid Vicious, can play their instrument. Really, they’re NOTHING like Sid Vicious at all.  And they’re not vicious, either. It's just a funny name.)

The Yid Vicious ensemble includes clarinet, fiddle, French horn, saxophones, guitar, upright bass, drums, vocals, sometimes mandolin and occasionally theremin. The band plays at a variety of venues and events in Madison, Milwaukee, and occasionally Chicago.  Yid Vicious is available for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, anarchist picnics, clam-bakes, lumberjack competitions, highland games and other events.