Community Shlichim / Israel Program Specialists

Jewish Federation of Madison began its Shlichah program in 2003 to strengthen our community’s connection to Israel and the Israeli people.


Shlichim serve as Israel program specialists and share their time between Federation and the UW-Hillel. Shlichim provide educational programming for the entire Madison area Jewish community, and also serve as advocates for Israel within both the Jewish and broader community. They typically teach at Gan HaYeled, Chug Ivrit and Midrasha, and provide programming during the summer at Camp Shalom. Three of Madison's shlichim have earned well-deserved recognition for their work here. Our first Shlichah, Shirin Ezekiel, received the JDC’s Ralph Goldman Fellowship, often referred to as the most prestigious post-graduate fellowship in Jewish communal work. Diklah Cohen (2005-2007) and Nilli Glick (2008-2010) were named JAFI’s outstanding Shaliach for their work in Madison. In August 2017, Madison's Jewish community welcomed our current Shlichim, Shlomit and Tal (pictured right). We hope you will consider them a wonderful resource for the entire community.



Shalom Madison! We are Shlomit and Tal, the new Israeli Shlichim. Shlomit will be working mostly at the Jewish Federation of Madison and Tal will be working mostly at UW Hillel.


We just arrived from Jerusalem at the beginning of August as the Shlichim for the Madison Jewish community, and are very excited to begin. We decided to go on Shlichut because we believe in the importance of creating connections within the Jewish peoplehood, between the Diaspora and Israel. We want to learn from the American Jewish community about Jewish life here, as well as bring Israel to you.


After we were offered Madison as the place for the Shlichut, we could not have been happier. Ever since we learned we were coming, everyone kept telling us that this is the best, most beautiful city with the nicest people. So far it seems like everyone was right. We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be here, and hope to become a part of your community.


Now that we told you why we have come, we would like to introduce ourselves:


Hi! I'm Shlomit, 26 years old, born and raised in Jerusalem. Just a few weeks ago I finished my BA. in cognitive science and biology at the Hebrew University. During that time I worked at a lab in the Genetics Department of the university. Prior to that, I worked as a guidance counselor in several programs, including in Austin's Camp Shalom and in my role at the IDF in the Education Corps. Among my interests are science, arts and crafts, cooking and writing. Tal and I met while working together in a boarding school three and a half years ago.


Hi everyone, I'm Tal! I'm 32 years old and I was born and raised in Herzliya, which is a city near Tel Aviv. I have a BA in philosophy and history from Tel Aviv University and a teaching diploma from Kerem Institute for Humanistic Jewish Education in Jerusalem. For the past four years I've lived in Jerusalem and worked there as a guidance counselor in a boarding school for gifted high school students, and I also taught 10th grade philosophy. During my free time I enjoy playing the drums (don't worry about the neighbors, I left my drums in Israel), photography, watching documentaries, reading and writing poetry and hanging out with Shlomit.


So this is us. Sorry if our names are a little hard to pronounce, but hey- now you know another word in Hebrew! Shlomit comes from the word "Shalom", meaning peace and also hello. Tal literally means dew.


We are both so excited to be here. Over the next few weeks we look forward to meeting with you, the people of this community, and making Madison our new home for the near future. So, if you have any questions about us, about Israel, or if you just want some dinner company - please contact us!


Our emails and Facebook accounts are the same as Daniel and Shirly's, the last Shlichim:
Shlomit - Facebook: Shlomit Shlicha Madison and Email:
Tal - Facebook: Tal UW Israel Fellow and Email:


See you soon,
Shana Tova!
Shlomit and Tal



  • What's Your Movie?

    Host a party with your friends or family at your home and our Shlichim, Shlomit and Tal, will bring an Israeli movie of your choice to watch - then lead a follow-up game or discussion afterwards.

  • The Israel Committee

    Join our Community Shlicha, Shlomit, on the JFM Israel Committee if you are interested in bringing Israel to Madison.

    For more information contact:
    Shlomit via


Shlomit Ezer at
Tal Sheffer at

Learn What's Happening in Israel


For questions on how to support Israel and information about what is happening, please contact our Israeli Shlichim: Shlomit - Jewish Federation of Madison Shlicha at or Tal - UW Hillel Israel Fellow at


With The Schlichim

Shlomit and Tal are here for year 2 of their Shlichut and they are looking forward to meeting even more members of the Madison Jewish Community. Host them for a meal this fall. Tell them about your favorite parts of living in Madison, get to know more about Israel, and meet this fabulous couple! To make arrangements, email Shlomit at