Our integrated, play-based curriculum is rooted in Jewish values and culture, with an emphasis on social and emotional development. We navigate our days creating, moving, singing, discussing, observing, reading, and playing. We support our children’s interests and help them build upon their strengths while challenging and encouraging them to try new experiences. Through our attentive curriculum, we enrich fine and gross motor coordination, sensory integration, cognitive and adaptive skills, brain development, socio-emotional development, language development, and moral development.

"Educate the child according to (their) way and when (they're) old (they) will not depart from it ...

~ Proverbs 22:6


Mind: Cognitive Development
Early literacy, foundational mathematics, science exploration, music, language development, and creative arts


Body: Physical Development
Motor development, personal hygiene, nutrition, safety, music, and movement ​


Soul: Social Development
Respect, self-esteem, social interaction, self-control, conflict resolution skills, self-help skills, and confidence


Each Gan HaYeled classroom provides a secure and safe space for the children to develop a sense of trust and comfort with their teachers and peers, strengthen their understanding of emotions, and expand their social, physical, and cognitive development. Children are not required to be toilet trained. We partner together with our families and incorporate toilet learning when suitable for each child.


Bet: 18 months - 2-year-olds

Gimel: 2-year-olds

Dalet: 3-4-year-olds (includes kindergarten readiness)


Boker Tov
Our Gan days begin with warm interactions between our families and teachers as the children arrive.


Morning Gathering
During the morning gathering, each class welcomes the day. This may include singing, storytelling, movement, discussions about special activities, introduction of new concepts, and creating plans for the day.


Exploration Time
Exploration time is ideal for engaging in independent and collaborative play, navigating social skills, and encouraging critical thinking and creativity.


Snack time is another wonderful opportunity to socialize and practice self-care routines. Gan HaYeled provides vegetarian snacks each day.

Gan HaYeled has two main playgrounds which support creative, physical, and natural play. The children love gardening and growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Exploring the woods adjacent to Gan, also provides endless amounts of nature play.


Children bring their own vegetarian lunches to school. Like snack time, lunch provides opportunities to socialize and practice self-care routines.


After lunch, the children play!


Storytime-Shalom Chaverim
Reading takes place throughout the day at Gan HaYeled. Whether the stories are read individually, in small groups, or to the class, our children and teachers love spending reading time together. Each day ends with a story and singing Shalom Chaverim (Goodbye Friends) in Hebrew and English.