Pool Closing Policies

Below are some of the unforeseen reasons the pool is required to close for


Inclement Weather

  • If the air temperature is less than 65 degrees
  • If it’s raining heavily to the point in which the lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool
  • If there is thunder and/or lightning. We follow the National Lightning Safety Institute guidelines.



  • We are required to clear the pool for a specific amount of time-based on the type of contamination (bodily fluid).
  • We follow the Center For Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.


Water Clarity

  • If the pool chemicals are not in alignment with state licensing requirements



  • If there are not enough lifeguards to meet licensing requirements


How We Communicate Closings

  • We will ALWAYS update the Goodman Aquatic Center Facebook page regarding any of the above situations.
  • We will post a notification at the admission window of the facility if any of these situations occur during regular business hours.
  • We will notify you by email if/when the timing of an above situation is applicable.