Pool Party

The Goodman Aquatic Center is available for events, including birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and family reunions.


General Information & Policies

  • We allow parties during open swim pool hours. We limit the number of reserved parties to 2 per day during the same time period. The pool is not available for private parties.
  • We are typically open 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm on Monday - Friday and 11:30 am – 7:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please check the pool schedule page or with the Pool Manager for any changes to the summer schedule.
  • There is a NON-REFUNDABLE party reservation fee of $50 for non-members; there is no reservation fee for members; however, a NO-SHOW fee of $50 will be assessed, if applicable.
  • We will reserve 2 picnic tables with umbrellas or under the pergola for you and your guests for up to 2 hours. It may be possible to stay longer. A decision will be made on a case-by-case basis at the time of the party, dependent on pool capacity and lifeguard staffing.
  • Please clean up your mess to the best of your ability! If cleaning tools are needed, ask staff for assistance. An additional cleaning fee will be added if significant cleaning by staff is required.
  • There is a per-person admission charge for all of your party attendees of $5 per visitor for member party hosts and $8 per visitor for non-member party hosts. Members may use their free guest passes, if applicable, to pay for their guests. You, as the host, may choose to pay for their admission or have them pay individually upon arrival.
  • We ask for a list of invitees on the day of the party so we can check people in when they arrive.
  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, or checks for payment. An additional processing fee may be added to purchases made with a credit or debit card at the pool.


Submit A Pool Party Request

If you are interested in having a party at the Goodman Aquatic Center, please fill out and submit the Pool Party Request Form.

Request A Pool Party >


Submission of this request form does NOT confirm your pool party. You will receive either a phone call or email from the pool manager with confirmation of the date and time.


Pool Party Reservation Fee
Payment of the NON-REFUNDABLE $50 party reservation fee should be made online once you receive a confirmation email or phone call from the pool manager to confirm the day/time of the party. Do not submit the payment fee if you have not received confirmation for your party. If payment is not received by the time of the party, it will be required before set up.
Pay Fee Now >


General Pool Rules

  • No running on the pool deck
  • No pushing, pulling, or shoving people into the pool or dunking underwater
  • No “rough housing” of any kind
  • No sitting on shoulders or backs (Okay for a parent to have a young child on his/her/their back except in the deep end)
  • No jumping in backwards, twists, cartwheels, or flips anywhere into the pool
  • Diving is allowed in the DEEP END only*
  • No holding breath underwater
  • No sitting, playing with, or pulling on the buoyed lines or lap lanes
  • Adults only in the lap lanes
  • Absolutely NO sitting on the geysers


*A swim test is required to be in the deep end for those 14 and under. A child in a lifejacket or under the supervision of a parent is not permissible.


Lifeguards have the authority to revoke pool privileges if pool rules or safety is compromised.


For more information about pool parties