Pool Policies & General Information


Please be aware that as the situation in our community changes, public health guidance may change, and policies and procedures may change accordingly.


Membership Required

  • Pool attendance is by membership only for summer 2021. After purchasing a membership online through Active, you will be able to register online through your Active account for open swim and lap swim sessions throughout the summer. 


UPDATE 8/5: Changes Starting August 14
See updates starting August 14 - August 31 regarding changes to the schedule, registration for open swim and lap swim, and bringing guests. 


Swim Session Registration Required

  • Booking scheduled days/times online for open swim and lap swim through your Active account are required in order to attend the pool. 
  • As we get a sense of demand, please sign up for only one OPEN SWIM block and one LAP SWIM in a day (you can sign up for both).
  • Register everyone who will be attending with you (see Check-In below for more details)
  • If we have openings on the day of for additional open swim blocks, we will announce this at the pool. You will have the option to claim space then. Please note that you will need to exit the pool area to accommodate the 30 minutes cleaning time, and will then re-enter. Please be conscientious about claiming space, as space is limited, and we want to make sure that everyone has adequate pool use!
  • If you will not be attending an open or lap swim session you have registered for and need to cancel, please email the pool or call (608) 848-1322 and leave a voicemail message with the date, time, and members' names who are signed up that you are canceling. We will then either cancel your session online or document on our paper list that you have canceled. If we notice a pattern forming with many registrations and cancellations and/or no-shows, we will follow up with you. 


Check-In Required for All Attendees

  • You, and everyone you registered, will need to check in with a Goodman Aquatic Center staff member at the admission window every time you arrive for a scheduled lap or open swim session. Everyone’s name must be on a list that will be automatically generated by the Active Registration System. If a name is not on the list, that person may not be allowed in depending on capacity numbers. Therefore, be sure that when you are registering more people than just yourself for a specific session that you register ALL members who will be attending.


COVID Safety Precautions

  • Masks will not be required on the pool deck.
  • Masks will be required while waiting in line to check-in, upon entering and exiting the facility, and in the restrooms.
  • Pool members are encouraged to follow six feet social distancing on the pool deck/grass area and in the water, as much as possible, if not in the same household.
  • We will be following CDC COVID-19 recommendations for public pool operations.



  • 150 people will be permitted in the pool during open swim for each time block.
  • 12 people will be permitted in the pool during lap swim for each time block.



  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks. An additional processing fee will be added to purchases made at the pool using a credit or debit card.


Food & Beverages

  • There is a concession stand on-site that will be open and operating at full capacity. All items are Kosher, with the exception of the dipping cheese for nachos.
  • You may bring your own food and beverage (including alcohol) but there are NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY TYPE permitted.
  • Delivery of food from outside vendors will NOT be allowed this summer.
  • There is no eating or drinking allowed IN the pool at any time.



  • We will NOT have pool deck chairs for use for summer 2021; only a set number of picnic tables and round tables with attached benches. Each will have an umbrella or be under the pergola for some shade.
  • You may bring in your own lawn/beach chair for our grassy and pool deck areas.


Restrooms & Locker Rooms

  • For Summer 2021, we encourage members to come in suits, ready to swim. Minimizing the use of locker rooms for changing will help with entrance and exit flow, and maximize your time at the pool.
  • Showers will be available to rinse off prior to entering the pool and after swimming.
  • If you use the locker rooms and showers after swimming, you must be completely out of the locker room/restroom when the whistle blows to clear the pool at the end of each session, so please watch the time and plan accordingly.
  • We will additionally have tents available for changing in or out of your suit at the pool.
  • We offer a family restroom (with changing table), a woman’s locker room, and a men’s locker room. All are handicap accessible, have diaper changing stations, and have showers.
  • Children over the age of 6-years must use age-appropriate locker rooms.
  • There are no lockers, they have been removed from the locker rooms.


Exiting the Facility

  • Exiting the facility after a swim session will be through the large rolling gate near the concession stand, not the restrooms. You will only enter the pool area from the restrooms upon arrival for each swim session.


Infants & Children

  • Children age 15 and younger must pass “the deep end test” one time each summer to swim in the deep end.
  • Infants/children who are not potty-trained MUST wear a swim diaper AND swimsuit of some kind. The i-diaper is acceptable.
  • We sell swim diapers at the pool for $3.00
  • Please DO NOT change your baby’s diaper anywhere on the pool deck. This is a violation of the city health code.
  • There are diaper changing stations in all restrooms/locker rooms
  • Children must be at least 12-years of age or older and able to swim in order to be dropped off, unsupervised, at the pool.


Floatation Accessories

  • No “floaties” or “water wings” are allowed for younger swimmers. Puddle jumpers and/or Coast Guard-approved life vests are permitted and encouraged to be brought.
  • We do rent puddles jumpers and/or Coast Guard-approved life vests ($5 deposit; $2 back upon return).
  • You may bring your own pool “noodle”. We also rent them ($3 deposit; $1 back upon return).


Pool Safety & Clearing

  • Safety breaks during a swim block will happen on an as-need basis for the safety and well-being of the lifeguards. This will be a maximum of one per hour for 15 minutes. This break is essential for our lifeguards to stretch and re-focus allowing them to provide the best safety for all of our swimmers. This is a great time to get a snack, have your child go to the bathroom, drink some water and re-apply that sunscreen. The last one of the day is at 6:00 pm. Kids are asked to clear the pool during this time. Those 18-years and over may swim during this time. There is a lifeguard on deck.
  • The pool clears at the ending time of the last scheduled swim session for that day.
  • Lifeguards will be on duty as required by code.



  • There is NO SMOKING or use of e-cigarettes/vaping anywhere on the campus grounds.



  • Pets are only allowed on the walking trails. Please do not allow them to run on the upper fields at any time.



  • No firearms are allowed on the Goodman Jewish Community Campus or at the Goodman Aquatic Center.


Pool Extras

  • We do not have a diving board or slide, however, we do have a zero-depth entry with a mushroom waterfall and geysers in the shallow end.


Birthday Parties & Events

  • There will be no pool parties or events at the Goodman Aquatic Center for summer 2021.


Pool Closings

  • The pool does not open when the air temperature is below 68 degrees. This policy is a standard outdoor pool guideline.
  • Jewish Federation of Madison reserves the right to close the Goodman Aquatic Center at any time and for any reason including but not limited to inclement weather, to accommodate groups or private events, low attendance, or other unforeseen reason.


Pool Updates & Announcements

Follow us on the Goodman Aquatic Center Facebook page for the latest information on pool closings and any other important information you may need to know.