Ivrit B'Kef Policies

Ivrit B’Kef Admission:

Ivrit B’Kef is open to children entering kindergarten through second grade. As a rule, enrollment is for the entire session only. Mid-session enrollment by special arrangement will take place only as space permits. This program will only run with a minimum of eight students. Children of any race, color, national origin, religion, sex or handicap will be accepted in the Ivrit B’Kef program. Children will be accepted solely on the ability to perform class responsibilities effectively.


Severe Weather Closings:

Should severe winter weather conditions make driving hazardous, Ivrit B’Kef will be closed. Ivrit B’Kef will follow the Madison Metropolitan School District’s lead in canceling school due to inclement weather. If they close, Ivrit B’Kef will be closed too. In certain circumstances, Ivrit B’Kef may close even when MMSD does not. If you are in doubt, call Jewish Federation of Madison at (608) 278-1808.



A small snack will be provided at the beginning of each Ivrit B’Kef class. All food provided will be certified kosher.


Ivrit B’Kef Termination of Enrollment:

Ivrit B’Kef will make every effort to insure that every child has positive experiences; however, if the child is not benefitting from the program the staff will meet with the parents to devise a plan to make the experience successful for the child.


When all such efforts are made and the situation is not beneficial to the child, other children, or the program, Ivrit B’Kef reserves the right to remove the child from the program. Ivrit B’Kef also reserves the right to terminate enrollment of any child due to inappropriate behavior on the part of family members while children are participating in Ivrit B’Kef events.


If a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child, Ivrit B’Kef and the Jewish Federation of Madison must be notified at least two weeks in advance. If a parent voluntarily withdraws a child, there will be no refund of any fees paid. If Ivrit B’Kef terminates the enrollment of a child, any advanced fees which may have been paid will be refunded.


There are no refunds of fees for the time the child is enrolled, whether the child attended the program or not. The parents are also responsible to pay the full tuition for session, or the difference when the child is withdrawn, unless and until the space is filled. A child may be terminated from enrollment if fees are not paid. Any exceptions or payment plans must be approved by the Program Director and/or Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Madison.


Processing Fee

Cost of Ivrit B'Kef includes a $20 non-refundable processing fee per semester.