4 2015

Purim Dinner and Shpiel (TBE)

6:15PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Beth El 2702 Arbor Drive
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 238-3123

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6:15 pm - 7:30 pm - Purim Seudah (Dinner) & Megillah Chanting.
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm Purim Shpiel - The Scroll of Purim

Purim Seudah (Dinner) & Megillah Chanting
Come in costume and join us for a Persian theme dinner catered by Layla's Persian Restaurant. Enjoying a festive meal together is one of the Purim mitzvot (commandments)! Reservations required. Our feast will include savory hamentashen, vegetarian dolmas, lamb or vegetarian stew and more. During dinner Cantor Martin will chant some of Megillah Esther to it's special tune for the holiday. Come ready to make some noise when the bad guys name is chanted. We encourage you to bring boxed pasta to use as a noise maker and then we'll donate them to a local food pantry. Dinner is $15 for adults 13+, $10 kids 5+ and $7 tots. All ages welcome. Contact Aleeza Hoffert, Program Director at 608-238-3123

Purim Shpiel - The Scroll of Purim
We would like to share with you the most amazing Purim Shpiel - The Scroll of Purim
Written & Directed by David Hoffert; David Adler on Piano
Staring: Jackie Forman, Micah Herstand, Marc Herstand, Jim Frenkel, Jennifer Szlasa, Stephanie Kirklin, Heidi Lahoun, Cantor Debby Martin and Rabbi Jonathan Biatch

This is a musical you won't want to miss! Hamantashen to follow

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