7 2013

Jewish Springtime Series (CSS)

9:50AM - 11:30AM  

Center for Families 2120 Fordem Avenue

Contact Sue Meyer

The weeks following Passover are a rich period on the Jewish calendar. Rabbi Renee Bauer will teach a series of classes that will help participants deepen their relationship to this period. On April 7, Holocaust Memorial Day, we will explore Torah commentaries that connect the Torah portions to remembering the Holocaust. On April 14, we will explore the traditions and mystical practices of counting the Omer (the 49 day period between Passover and Shavuot). On April 28, we will prepare for Shavuot by exploring the Book of Ruth, a text that is traditionally read on Shavuot. No prior knowledge is required. Participants are encouraged to attend the entire series but are welcome to participate in individual sessions. Please contact the office you’d like to attend (257-2944 or office@shamayim.org).

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