10 2016


14 2016

17th Annual Greenfield Summer Institute: Jews and the Arts (CJS)

5:30PM - 12:00PM  

Grainger Hall 975 University Ave.
Madison , WI 53706

$ Cost $ 195.00

The arts have been an important form of expression for Jews since antiquity. From the psalms and the design of the mishkan in antiquity, to Biblical and Talmudic writing; from medieval illuminated manuscripts to Yiddish song; from the painting of Chagall and Lichtenstein to the museums and monuments commemorating Jewish culture – Jews have been a vibrant force in the world of the arts.

The 2016 Greenfield Summer Institute will explore Jews’ relationship with the arts in all of their forms, and will address the question of whether there is a distinctly “Jewish” approach to the arts. Speakers will address the visual, plastic, and performative forms from the ancient world to contemporary times, and will consider how a Jewish approach to the arts – from the ban on graven images, to Jewish influences on Christian and Islamic art, to the notion of tikkun olam – has influenced the contemporary world.

Register for the whole Institute or individual lectures and events.

For For more info, full schedule, brochure and registration information, please visit http://jewishstudies.wisc.edu/greenfield/

Space is limited. Early registration deadline: June 25th, 2016.

Sponsor: Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies