13 2013

JLI- Life in the Balance - Class 3

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Lussier Community Education Center 55 S Gammon Rd.


Guest co-presenter TBA. Topic: Complications in Pregnacy - Aborting One Life to Save Another. When it comes to the ethics of medicine, we’re going to get real — in the most dramatic possible way. We'll discuss actual case studies, examining many possible viewpoints as we come to grips with the issue that matters most: What kind of action — or inaction — should we take? When should we take it? And when do we edge too close to playing G-d? More intriguing than any fictional TV show, this course will prepare you for choices that you or a loved one may be called upon to make. It is also a fascinating exposure to little-discussed aspects of Judaism. RSVP to Rabbi Avremel Matusof at (608)203-8014 or