3 2014

Tikkun Leil Shavuot

7:00PM - 11:59PM  

Temple Beth El 2702 Arbor Drive

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Join area Rabbis and other teachers from across Madison's Jewish community for a traditional Tikkun Leil Shavuot -- an evening of learning celebrating God's giving of the Torah at Sinai. To keep learners sharp throughout the evening, dairy desserts will be served ~ including cheesecake, ice cream, and the traditional first fruits of the season. This year's theme is SCANDAL!    What turns a revelation into a scandal? Why are scandalous stories in our sacred texts?  Why do we humans like scandals so much and is that a bad thing?  Is gossip a form of scandalous talk? What social utility do scandalous words and stories have, if any? This year's schedule (tentative): 7:00 pm Welcome * What's a Shanda? Origins and uses of Yiddish and Hebrew terminology for scandalous stories ~ Jonathan Pollack * The Coverup: Kiddushin 20a. Is it better to sin in secret? ~ Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon 8:15 pm Ma'ariv Service * 'That's What She Said!' Jewish views on gossip - SPECIAL FOR TEENS ~ Lily Nagy-Deak * Scandals in the Talmud -- Case study: Why does the Talmud include stories of Rabbis behaving VERY badly? ~ Jordan Rosenblum 9:20 pm Dessert Break * Joseph and Egypt's Land Management: Setting a financial example for Bernard Madoff and Michael Milken  ~ Rabbi Jonathan Biatch * Herems, Book Burnings, and the Destruction of a Tomb: The scandalous controversy of Moses Mamonides  ~ Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman * Scandal in Sandals. The story of Israel as a Jewish state ~ Racheli Komar Azia and Rabbi Andrea Steinberger * That's What She Said!' (Redux) Is gossip always a bad thing? ~ Rabbi Rebecca Ben-Gideon and Lily Nagy-Deak Also featuring: * Poetry on the power of words with Kathy Miner * Niggun interludes with Lily Nagy-Deak  Presented by Beth Israel Center and co-sponsored by Jewish Federation of Madison, Congregation Shaarei Shamayim and Temple Beth El.  Want to add a personal touch to this year's community-wide Tikkun? Volunteers are needed to help tidy up the social hall and kitchen from our delicious dairy delights before you head out for home. If food prep is more your style, kitchen assistance would be appreciated in advance, too. Email Deborah Hoffman if you'd like to help.