13 2013

Jewish Women's Circle (Chabad)

7:30PM - 8:00PM  

Freda Blair's home 2210 Ravenswood Road

Kesuvim-Writings:  Megillat EstherHow did Esther’s faith and determination become the quintessential model of the Jewish woman?  Remove the mask to reveal those strengths. Plus:  Hats!   Leslie Bellais, Curator of Costume & Textiles at the Wisconsin Historical Society, will explore the reasons for the style changes as we model the Society's collection. RSVP to jeblair@wisc.edu or jwcmadison@gmail.com This is the fifth in a series of seven Jewish Women's Circle sessions between October 2012 and April 2013. Participants are asked to send membership dues of $54 for all activities or $10 as guest per program toJWC1722 Regent St.Madison, WI 53726