12 2020

A Senior Get-Together: Sparks of Inspiration (TBE)

3:30PM - 4:30PM  

Temple Beth El via Zoom

Contact Aleeza Hoffert

Seniors are invited to this special virtual get-together with the theme "Sparks of Inspiration." We will gather using Zoom and hope all who are able will participate. Those who cannot use Zoom will have the opportunity to join in via telephone. We will help you with technology issues as best we can. No interested senior will be left out.

And here’s the special part: we’re hoping that many participants will be willing to share some short inspirational piece with the group. This can be an experience, a poem, a story about an inspirational person—you name it—anything that has been meaningful to you and might bring the rest of us a moment of joy or inspiration. If you have something to share but don’t want to speak, someone else can share it for you. Presentations should be between one and two minutes long. Of course, we want you to be part of this get-together even if you choose just to listen. And, obviously, there will be some schmooze time!

Please register by August 3, or call (608) 340-0639 (leave your name and number so someone can call you back if you reach the voicemail). Contact Aleeza A. Hoffert at with any questions.

Sponsor: Temple Beth El