13 2020

Cheshbon Hanefesh: An Accounting of Our Souls (TBE)


Temple Beth El via Zoom

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Step 1: Introspection and Inner Reflection
Only when we reflect on our actions carefully can we truly become aware of how we’ve “missed the mark” in the past.

Join Rabbi Jonathan Biatch for an educational session on taking an accounting of our souls. Cheshbon hanefesh, the “accounting of the soul,” is the process by which we turn inward during the weeks prior to the High Holy Days to assess who we are, what we’ve done in the past year, and how we might change for the better. This could be a brutally honest assessment, and we can benefit from this candid, personal exploration of ourselves. At this time of year, we begin considering ways we have erred, and we anticipate making real change. We contemplate our responsibility to ourselves and others by analyzing our own faults and missteps in life.

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