20 2020

Community Yom HaShoah Service & Program (JFM)

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Temple Beth El 2702 Arbor Drive
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 238-3123 info@tbemadison.org

Please join us for a service of remembrance and to honor local Holocaust survivors and their families followed by a program featuring Professor Samuel Kassow, author of Who Will Write our History: Emanuel Ringelblum and the Secret Ghetto Archive.

About the Book
During the Holocaust, Jews resisted not only with guns but also with paper and pen. The Nazis thought that they could wipe out European Jews and then rewrite, and thus control, their history for future generations to read. But even in the face of death, Jews in ghettos and camps buried “time capsules” full of documents so that someday, Jews – not Nazis – could control their history. 

This is the story of the largest of these secret archives, organized by Emanuel Ringelblum in the Warsaw Ghetto. It was one of the most spectacular examples of spiritual resistance in Nazi-occupied Europe. Of the 60 Jews who worked on the archive, only three survived. But the “time capsules” – milk cans and tin boxes– were later discovered under the rubble of the Warsaw Ghetto and changed the way we think about the Holocaust.

This program is funded by the Mitchell and Sharon Rapkin Endowment for Holocaust Education and Commemoration, an endowment fund of the Jewish Federation of Madison.

Related Event: Dr. Samuel Kassow was a consultant on the film Who Will Write Our History (a documentary film adaptation of his book) which we will be screening on March 11, 2020. See event details >

Holocaust Survivors and Family Members: We'd like to hear from you. We would like to know if you are a Holocaust survivor or a family member of a survivor, so we may personally invite you to our community Yom HaShoah service and program, held this coming year, on April 20, 2020, at Temple Beth El. We’d also like to gauge your interest in participating in our service, either reading a passage or lighting a candle. Please fill out this short form with your Information >