14 2020

Diaspora-Israel Interactions: A Panel Led by Rabbi Josh Weinberg (TBE)

12:15PM - 1:45PM  

Temple Beth El via Zoom

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The theme of Israel-Diaspora relations is vast, and often contentious. A panel led by Rabbi Josh Weinberg, vice president for Israel and Reform Zionism of the Union for Reform Judaism, will help us to understand the current relationship between Diaspora Jews and Israel (however those terms are defined). They will explore questions of how Israel does or does not embody the values and aspirations of Diaspora Jews. What are the mutual responsibilities of Israel and the Diaspora to each other? How can we as a congregation create safe settings for discussing these issues among people with strong differences of opinion? How do we educate our youth about them?

This event is part of our annual Swarsensky Memorial Weekend honoring the memory of Rabbi Manfred E. Swarsensky, the founding rabbi of Temple Beth El.

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Sponsor: Temple Beth El