21 2015

Lecture: Discovering a Different Germany (UW Hillel, UW-Madison)

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Hillel at the University of Wisconsin 611 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53703
608-256-8361 x708 akasmir@uwhillel.org

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One American Jew’s Surprising Story

Hillel welcomes Dr. Judith Levi as she gives an informative lecture about the little-known but morally admirable example set by contemporary Germans in their efforts to come to terms with their country’s Nazi past. These courageous and creative efforts by both governments and concerned individuals include commemorating victims, educating younger generations, organizing Israeli-German exchanges and interactions, supporting Israel in international organizations and other ways, welcoming c. 200,000 Russian Jews to Germany since 1990, and devoting extensive resources to researching, documenting, and teaching about German-Jewish history.

Levi will share the surprising and stereotype-shattering discoveries she has made on 12 trips to Germany since 1998. The UW Hillel Foundation, Center for German and European Studies, and Department of German are excited for Levi to share her journey of discovery which began when she decided to visit her father’s German hometown on the 60th anniversary of Kristallnacht in order to participate in its annual memorial services. She now has many cherished German friends, gives talks about her experiences to German high school students and adults, and has written a book and several essays on her discoveries.

For more information, see her essay, "Flowers in a Field of Ashes" at her Northwestern University website.

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Sponsor: The UW Hillel Foundation, Center for German and European Studies, and Department of German