13 2021

Exploring Our Senses of Taste and Smell (JSS)

10:30AM - 11:30AM  

Jewish Social Services via Zoom

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Presented by Shannon Gabriel, Registered Dietitian and Healthy Aging Coordinator

Have you ever wondered if your taste buds and sense of smell change throughout life? At birth, an infant has 9000 taste buds on the tongue and this number increases to 15,000 taste buds during adulthood.  By age 70, this number decreases to approximately 10,000. Wow! Similar changes occur to our sense of smell, as well.  A research study recently concluded that if we are unable to see and smell our food – only 13% of us could accurately describe what we’re eating. 

This tells us how closely related our senses are!  Changes in our senses can impact our appetite, health, and nutrition as we age.   If you find this interesting, make sure to join Shannon Gabriel, Dane County Senior Nutrition Program Dietitian and Healthy Aging Coordinator from the Area Agency on Aging, to learn more about taste and smell changes, how it can impact your nutrition, and strategies to continue enjoying the smell and taste of your foods. 

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