20 2022

Food Volunteer Opportunity for Mt. Zion Baptist Church (TBE)

11:00AM - 11:40AM  

Mt. Zion Baptist Church 2019 Fisher St.
Madison, WI 53713


Contact Betsy Abramson
(608) 332-7867

In Temple's ongoing goal of partnering with African American churches in the Madison area, we have partnered with Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Madison's south side to provide lunches for their summer TRansforming our Youth (TRY) program for 25 adults on six Wednesdays from June 22 through July 27. They are asking for:

25 sandwiches (no peanut butter or other nuts—any meat is OK)
Fresh cut-up veggies for 25
25 pieces of fruit
25 cookies
Can you help? Here's the sign-up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0B4FAFAF22AAFC1-mtzion

Please note the instructions below:

1. Lunch items must be delivered to Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 2019 Fisher St., Madison, WI 53713, by 11:40 am on the selected Wednesday(s).

2. You may choose to sign up for only sandwiches and cookies or only veggies and fruit—or both. If you choose both, type your name in both slots for the date(s) you select.

3. If there are two people in a date slot, you can work together to do the drop-off or each do it separately.

4. If you (or you together with another person) do the 25 of all four items, you can either pack individual lunch bags OR bring all items on trays or in plastic bags, etc., and the church staff or volunteers will pack the items into individual bags—it's up to you.

5. If you'd like to PARTICIPATE, but need assistance with the expenses, please save receipts and submit them confidentially to Temple, to be billed to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund. (Thank you, Rabbi Biatch!)

6. If you'd like to CONTRIBUTE, but not do the shopping, preparation or delivery, please donate to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund at https://www.tbemadison.org/payment.php, and in the "Payment Notes" write "for Mt. Zion lunches." Thank you!

If you have kids, grandkids, or neighbors looking for a mitzvah project, this could be it! Pick a slot or two and get out the safe knives and sandwich bags, and go to it.

If you have any questions, please call or text Betsy Abramson at 608-332-7867 or email betsyabramson@gmail.com, or sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0B4FAFAF22AAFC1-mtzion