25 2021

Guided In-Person Tour at the Arboretum (JSS)

10:30AM - 11:30AM  

UW Arboretum
Madison, WI

Contact Paul Borowsky
(608) 442-4083

Located on 4 acres surrounding the Visitor Center, the native plant garden includes 15 groups of various garden types and hundreds of native Wisconsin species. The Garden introduces visitors to ecological restoration and diverse communities in the Arboretum and the region.

In the garden, you are likely to run into Susan Carpenter, the Arboretum’s Wisconsin Native Plant Gardener. She teamed up with garden designer Darrel Morrison to create the gardens, and works with staff colleagues, students, and community volunteers to care for and monitor the gardens.

For further info, transportation options, and reservations – contact Paul Borowsky, paul@jssmadison.org, 608-442-4083