11 2013

JLI- Life in the Balance - Class 6

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Lussier Community Education Center 55 S Gammon Rd.
Madison, Select State


Guest Co-Presenter Dr. Dave Olive. A Gift Of Generation - The Womb Transplant.

When it comes to the ethics of medicine, we’re going to get real —in the most dramatic possible way. We'll discuss actual case studies, examining many possible viewpoints as we come to grips with the issue that matters most: What kind of action — or inaction — should we take? When should we take it? And when do we edge too close to playing G-d?

More intriguing than any fictional TV show, this course will prepare you for choices that you or a loved one may be called upon to make. It is also a fascinating exposure to little-discussed aspects of Judaism.

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