6 2020

Kolot Kehilla with Dan Stolz: COVID-19 Pandemic in Muslim Communities (BIC)

9:45AM - 11:45AM  

Beth Israel Center via Zoom

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The Covid-19 pandemic has drawn our attention to the variety of ways in which contemporary Jewish communities deal with matters of public health. This talk will offer some comparative reflections on the pandemic in Muslim communities, drawing on diverse case studies including the U.S., the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia. The talk will place current events in historical perspective by introducing some of the ways in which Islamic interpretations of sickness and medicine were shaped by epidemic disease in the past.

Dan Stolz is an Assistant Professor of History at UW-Madison, specializing in the late Ottoman Empire and the emergence of the modern Middle East in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to The Middle East in the Twentieth Century (History 139), his courses explore science, technology, and religion in Middle East History.

As those who have enjoyed previous Kolot Kehilla presentations can attest, one of the hallmarks of this program is the bountiful breakfast buffet conceived and produced by dedicated volunteers under the creative guidance of Adrienne Borisy Gross and Barry Rich. Each menu matches the theme of the presentation. Although we can't gather around the same breakfast tables together, we can enjoy the same foods. In keeping with the theme of this talk, the dishes featured will be foods developed from Islamic nations throughout the world, from Egypt to Indonesia. Visit to access the recipes!

Schmooze 9:45 am - 10:00 am
Presentation begins at 10:00 am
Q&A follows

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