6 2020

Mitzvah Meals for the Catholic Multicultural Center (TBE)

12:00AM - 7:15PM  

Contact Sue Levy
(608) 273-4527

We’re stepping forward in partnership with the Catholic Multicultural Center (CMC) to provide “grab and go” meals for those in need, including many who have lost their jobs. These meals have replaced the former food program at CMC.

TBE volunteers cook a hot dish at home using a selected recipe. Another volunteer collects all the cooked food from the volunteers' porches in a no-contact exchange and delivers it to CMC. The CMC staff will then package the meals into takeout containers and hand it out to 80–100 very appreciative and hungry people.

Previously, on April 20, six members of the TBE Social Action Committee teamed up to feed 82 people. This went so well that we are expanding our efforts. We plan to deliver food every two weeks, and we have inspired Beth Israel Center congregants to provide additional meals. Please join us in this effort to feed people in need during this crisis.

Sign up a to cook one or more meals or help with delivery. Each cook will buy groceries and cook a meal for about 20 people. If you cannot get groceries, let us know and we will coordinate with those who are able to shop. We will send a recipe to each cook at least a week prior to the delivery date. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Levy at 608-273-4527 or