11 2021

Prophets of the Hebrew Bible: Messengers of God or Societal Conscience(TBE)

1:30PM - 2:45PM  

Temple Beth El via Zoom

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In nearly every ancient culture, men and women have appeared claiming to be messengers from the divine realm. The Prophets of the Hebrew Bible, however, were unique in calling on the social elite as well as the people to live up to the requirements of their god. This course, taught by Perry Y. Asher, will explore the Ancient Near Eastern context of biblical prophecy and place the Prophets in their social and theological setting.

About the instructor: In 1985, Perry Y. Asher converted to Judaism. During the five years preceding his conversion, he studied at two Christian seminaries: Chicago Theological Seminary on Chicago’s South Side and Pacific School of Religion near the University of California, Berkeley. Even while an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, Perry took an interest in the Hebrew Bible and Judaism. Since earning his master of divinity degree earlier in 1985, he has continued his studies in biblical literature and history, archeology of the Southern Levant, and the Jesus of history. Perry has taught at Lehrhaus Judaica, a center for adult Jewish education in California, and at Temple Beth Or in Everett, Washington. He has led Torah Study at Adat Chaverim in Plano, Texas, and also here at Temple Beth El. Perry has been a member of TBE since 2016.

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