9 2021

Reading The Book of Israela - A Course with the Author (CSS)

6:00PM - 7:30PM  

Congregation Shaarei Shamayim via Zoom

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Explore Rabbi Rena Blumenthal’s novel, The Book of Israela, with her in this five-session course. The book takes place in modern-day Israel but contains within it a sustained allegory of the “life” of Biblical Israel. Although our reading will focus primarily on the Biblical parallels - including relevant Biblical texts - the book also raises issues regarding the impact of secularism, Holocaust trauma, and the Middle East conflict on contemporary Jewish identity. Scholarships available (select Scholarship when registering and you will be contacted about paying a lower rate). $72 for members, $118 for non-members. Register Now >

Note: Participants will be expected to read approximately 50 pages a week and to have read the first six chapters before the first class.

Read more about The Book of Israela here: https://www.jewishbookcouncil.org/book/the-book-of-israela