17 2023

Serving Meals at the Catholic Multicultural Center (TBE)

3:30PM - 5:30PM  

Catholic Multicultural Center 1862 Beld St.
Madison, WI 53713


Contact Melissa Frank Osborne
(608) 238-3123

Continuing the reopening process, the Catholic Multicultural Center will again be serving dinners daily in their cafeteria beginning April 1. If you have an occasional Tuesday afternoon free and are looking for a fun, easy opportunity to help the community and spend quality time as a team or group, you can help serve a meal at the Catholic Multicultural Center!

The Catholic Multicultural Center provides free meals every day to community members on Madison's south side and people experiencing homelessness. The center buys and prepares the food, and volunteers serve the food and clean up. Volunteers set out and serve the food, participants join one another to eat at café tables next to the center's kitchen, and then our volunteers do the dishes with a restaurant-style dishwasher. The center serves about 80 people daily. Since 2019 TBE members have been assisting in this effort by providing volunteer services and by cooking thousands of meals. In the past two years, Temple cooks stepped forward and cooked more than 5,000 meals for hungry neighbors. We are so grateful for all that they did!

With the return to in-person dining, TBE will again partner with a variety of congregations and community groups that provide the volunteer corps to support this effort. With the sponsorship of the Social Action Committee, we provide six to eight volunteers (age 12 and above), for two hours one day a month. TBE volunteers are needed for the third Tuesday of each month. You can sign up for one or more days. The Catholic Multicultural Center is located at 1862 Beld St, Madison, WI 53713.

Interested in engaging with other TBE members to meet this critical community need? Click the sign-up link below and tell us when you are available.