17 2021

Showing Up for Transgender and Nonbinary Youth (TBE)

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Temple Beth El via Zoom
Madison, WI

Contact Melissa Osborne
(608) 238-3123

Legislation to restrict the rights of transgender and nonbinary youth is being considered by multiple states and school districts around the country—including right here in Wisconsin. In this session, Brian Juchems, co-executive director of GSAFE (an organization supporting LGBTQ+ students, educators, and families throughout Wisconsin) will give us a look at the issues facing LGBTQ+ students in our schools, bills being debated by our legislature to prevent transgender and nonbinary students from participating in school sports, and longer-term efforts to marginalize transgender youth within our communities. He will also identify simple steps we can take to create greater inclusion in our community.

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Looking to take action now? Brian also recommends this site https://equityforall.wixsite.com/supporttranskidswi created by a trans youth activist and organizer for ways to take action right now in response to the bills that have been introduced.