20 2022

Special Edition Kesher Café with Rabbi Jonathan Biatch (TBE)

12:30PM - 2:00PM  

Temple Beth El via Zoom


Contact Melissa Osborne

Please join Rabbi Jonathan Biatch as he begins to relate details of his November 2021 journey to Israel/Palestine to study intensively the status of the relationships and peace prospects for the Israel and Palestinian communities. During his ten-day trip under the auspices of an Israeli NGO called Combatants for Peace, he met the future peacebuilders of the region: former Israeli army officers and former Palestinian activists, once on opposing sides of the conflict, who are now working together to bring calm to their respective homelands. Visiting also with present and former government officials, Rabbi Biatch and his fellow travelers heard about the difficulties and the possibilities of establishing peace in that region. This will be the first of many opportunities to hear from Rabbi Biatch about his trip and the prospects for peace.

This event is offered on two dates. Please register for the date of your choice and to receive the Zoom link. Participants should submit questions prior to the session.

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