12 2019

Special Presentation: Protesting in Israel (BIC)

8:00PM - 9:30PM  

Beth Israel Center 1406 Mound St
Madison, WI 5371


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Cheryl Temkin presents: Protesting in Israel - a look at the current Women of the Wall movement and the 1970's Black Panther movement. Cheryl's unique approach to an unusual topic will discuss the history of social protest in Israel, using the 1970's Israeli Black Panther movement as a point of comparison. She will share insights and conclusions on how the current state of protest has kept the earlier traditions, modified them, or completely gone in a new direction, where current attitudes, mindsets, and circumstances uniquely shape the nature of protest in the environment of its own time. What can we learn from past and present movements? Is change in Israel really possible or are the roadblocks simply too big a hurdle?

This program is free and will follow Kabbalat Shabbat services (which start at 5:45 pm) and a kosher-dairy potluck dinner at Beth Israel Center. All are welcome.