18 2016

Sukkah Building Workshop (BIC)

1:00PM - 2:00PM  

Beth Israel Center 1406 Mound St
Madison, WI

Contact Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon

$ Cost $ 220.00

NEW this year, Beth Israel Center offers a sukkah building workshop, about a month before Sukkot.

Registration deadline: Tuesday, September 6.
Cost: $220

Come to Beth Israel Center and learn what makes a sukkah kosher and how to build one that will easily store between holiday seasons.

There are many ways to build a sukkah. This workshop will include supplies and instructions for an 8-by-12-foot sukkah built of wood with tarp walls. S'chach for the roof is not included but will be discussed.

Register by Tuesday morning, Sept. 6 by contacting the Beth Israel Center office at and we will have your lumber, hardware and tarps ready to go.

Bring a battery-operated drill if possible.