15 2020

Swarsensky Memorial Weekend Keynote Lecture (TBE)

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

Temple Beth El
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Swarsensky Memorial Weekend Keynote Lecture: “Being Jewish in the Jewish State: Challenges for Liberal and Reform Judaism in Israel”

Zionism grew not only as a response to adversity and antisemitism. It was also a Jewish revolution reviving the notion of peoplehood and Jewish nationalism. Herzl had his vision, which was very different from that of his ideological rival Ahad Ha’am. Today the question is more relevant than at any time before.

The question of Jewish identity, Jewish law, public observance, and who has the authority to determine the Jewish nature of the State of Israel are essential discussions that are taking place at the highest levels. Join us for this keynote discussion with Rabbi Josh Weinberg as we think about what it means going forward and what our place is as a growing and expanding Reform movement.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg, our 2020 Swarsensky scholar, is the vice president for Israel and Reform Zionism of the Union for Reform Judaism.

This event is part of our annual Swarsensky Memorial Weekend honoring the memory of Rabbi Manfred E. Swarsensky, the founding rabbi of Temple Beth El.

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