17 2021

The Place Where We Live and Worship (TBE)

9:30AM - 11:30AM  

Vilas Park Beach House (on the Lake Wingra side of the Vilas Park Zoo) 1501 Vilas Park Dr.
Madison, WI

Contact Melissa Osborne
(608) 238-3123

The Place Where We Live and Worship: Native American Life Along the Shores of Lake Wingra

The Four Lakes (DeJope) area was once a thriving Ho-Chunk community, and the area around Temple Beth El was important for fishing, foraging, and mound-building. To better understand the history of our land and to appreciate the people who preceded us here, the Social Action Committee is offering a walking tour of the area led by Amy Rosebrough, staff archeologist at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

As we walk from Vilas Park to Temple Beth El, Ms. Rosebrough will point out landscape features and tell us about how the Ho-Chunk people lived.

The tour is suitable for ages 10 and up; the walking will be fairly easy but there will be some uneven ground. The tour is timed so Religious School parents can attend and be back in time for the end of class.

We are looking for individuals willing to shuttle folks back to their car at Vilas Park. Please include that in your RSVP if you are able. To RSVP >