7 2021

Using Ecosystem Services to make Better Environmental Policy (JSS)

3:00PM - 4:00PM  

Jewish Social Services via Zoom

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Ecosystem Services refers to the idea of granting natural systems the value of all the actual things nature does for us and provides us. It has become the cutting edge of environmental economics and policymaking.

Dr. Steven Davis has taught in the Social Science Department at Edgewood College since 1994. He teaches courses on American political institutions, environmental politics, politics and media, and political ideology and in 2012 was awarded the James R. Undekofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. His research, on the environmental movement and also the politics of public land management, has been published in a number of journals. His book, In Defense of Public Lands: The Case Against Privatization and Transfer was published by Temple University Press in June 2018.

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