24 2019

March Walking Adventure: In Search of Plants that Melt Snow (Hadassah)

11:00AM - 12:30PM  

Path at East Entrance to UW Arboretum at intersection of N. Wingra Dr. & Hayward Dr.
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 770-6521

Contact Corliss Karasov
(608) 770-6521

Join us for a short walk along a boardwalk and stone walkway to visit the UW Duck Pond and to witness a flowering plant that creates its own heat. Long before crocuses and daffodils make their appearance, while the ground is still covered by snow and ice, this exotic plant melts through the snow and sends up a crimson Sheath cloak that protects a delicate cluster of flowers.

For a brief period, usually late March, one can bend down and feel the heat of the flower. Warmer air rises out the top of the plant and the colder, heavier air enters below. It should be no surprise that the plant’s name is due to a subtle scent that some people think is more like old dirty gym shoes than a skunk.

Free, Everyone welcome (nonmembers included). Bring binoculars if you have them

Park along one of the adjacent streets. Enter UW Arboretum at the east entrance on Arboretum Drive, near the intersection of N. Wingra Dr. & Hayward Dr.

Please RSVP so we know to expect you or how to reach you if plans change.
Call: (608) 770-6521

Sponsor: Madison Hadassah