2 2020

Wednesday Wisdom with Rabbi Forester (BIC)

4:00PM - 5:00PM  

Beth Israel Center via Zoom

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Join Rabbi Forester and discover how Torah lives in our contemporary lives.

Rabbi Forester is leading a weekly discussion about the variety of decisions that rabbis have been called upon to make since the outbreak of Covid-19, based on Halacha and other considerations. We have studied the permissibility and parameters of convening a Zoom minyan, the use of screen technologies on Shabbat, and more. The class is now studying rabbinic responses to a variety of contemporary questions, such as whether we should only drink kosher wine, whether we can call aliyot without regard to Kohen/Levi status, whether we may reverse earlier prohibitions on organ donation, and "May women testify? Yes, no, and it's complicated."

Come join us and add your questions and reflections to our ongoing discussions. No experience necessary!

Email for Zoom link.