30 2021

What's So Great About The Family Anyway? (JSS)

10:30AM - 11:30AM  

Jewish Social Services via Zoom

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Parents confer advantages on children in numerous ways, and also exert extreme influence on their children's values and interests. This may cause tension, but it can be resolved when we understand what is really valuable about the family. UW Madison Professor Harry Brighouse will talk about what is fundamentally valuable about the family, why we should think about the goods of the family as one of the things that justice is concerned about, and why parents, though essential, can't do everything that children need. He will explain why grandparents, other extended family members, and supportive communities are also essential for the wellbeing of children (and the wellbeing of parents!).

Harry Brighouse is the Mildred Fish Harnack Professor of Philosophy and Carol Dickson Bascom Professor of the Humanities. Professor Brighouse’s research and teaching interests include political philosophy, philosophy of education, and educational policy. Family values, ethics, and higher education are topics of three books he published in the last several years.

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