From Our Rabbis

Shavuot - Our Wedding Anniversary with G-d

By Rabbi Avremel Matusof

Just like that, another week has passed by.

Of course, that’s not completely accurate. We celebrated Shavuot on Monday and Tuesday. But, as festivals go, it is so short and quick.

It’s not just how short the festival is. There is nothing dramatic to commemorat…

The People of the Book

By Rabbi Mendel Matusof

This Shavuot gets a quadruple three: 3,333 years of Torah. That's 3,333 years since we stood together as a single nation at Mount Sinai, trembling in awe as we accepted the entire Torah for all generations. 

There has been so much ink spilled discussing Jewish peop…

Striving for Holiness

By Rabbi Jonathan Biatch

There is one theme that stands out in the book of Leviticus, that we will soon conclude, and it is the ideal of perfection.

That heart-attack-causing demon that many of us pursue, each of us in our own ways; that unattainable goal that our parents voicelessly but u…

Judging Others Favorably

By Rabbi Yona Matusof

It is customary to study Pirkei Avot (the "chapters of Avot") between the holidays of Pesach and Shavuot – the season of the giving of our Torah. (Shavuot starts May 16 in the evening)

To be worthy of receiving the Torah on Shavuot, we try to perfect our character. …

On Re-emerging Hole-y, Holy, and Wholly

By Rabbi Betsy Forester

Neither hunkered down in full quarantine nor fully “free” for the social intercourse we knew before the pandemic, we are beginning to venture out, but not without trepidation. We are living in an in-between, liminal, space. As much as we yearned for a vaccine, no…