Midrasha Hebrew High School

The Midrasha Hebrew High School, founded in 1975, is jointly sponsored by Beth Israel Center, Temple Beth El, and Jewish Federation of Madison.The purpose of Midrasha is to provide students with experiences and educational opportunities that will strengthen their Jewish identity and encourage and stimulate their desire to learn about their heritage. Midrasha offers classes in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, and in elective subjects for students in grades 8 through 12, who need not be affiliated with a synagogue to enroll.


The curriculum at Midrasha is flexible, constantly evaluated and updated. Midrasha educators are selected not only for their expertise in their subject area, but also for their ability to communicate their knowledge to teens. Classroom teaching relies on a variety of techniques, including audiovisual aids, guest lecturers, as well as interactive discussions. Time for students to socialize both informally and at organized communal events is an integral part of the Midrasha experience.


Midrasha is committed to serving eighth through twelfth grade students from a variety of denominational and non-affiliated backgrounds, and all courses are taught without denominational bias. Studying at Midrasha provides our students with an opportunity to develop a strong, positive identity and set of values within the framework of a united Jewish people.

Get Foreign Language Credit

The Madison Metropolitan School District and many other area school districts grant foreign language credit for the study of Hebrew at Midrasha. See More Details >


Laurence A. Weinstein Midrasha Incentive Award

Graduating high school Seniors who have attended Midrasha continuously since eighth grade may be eligible for the full award of (up to) $2000 (amount may vary year to year depending on the number of eligible Seniors and on available funding).The purpose of the Midrasha Incentive Award (MIA) is to encourage graduating Seniors from Midrasha to continue their Jewish education following graduation. Students have used it in the past to go to Israel, attend conferences, take courses in Jewish studies in college, etc. Each applicant needs to submit to the Midrasha committee a proposal explaining how he or she plans to use the incentive award.


For more information regarding criteria, due dates, and how to apply contact midrasha@jewishmadison.org


Join the Student Advisory Panel

This year we are asking interested students to serve on the Midrasha Student Advisory Panel. This panel will meet at least once this year and after that as needed. This panel will have a direct impact on the Midrasha program and is an exciting opportunity for students. Students should indicate on their registration form if they are interested.


A Special Note about Confirmation

The Madison Midrasha is a community based five-year/ten semester program leading to graduation and a diploma of Jewish Studies. It is not to be confused with Temple Beth El's Confirmation program. Midrasha meets a requirement to be confirmed at Temple Beth El. We suggest you contact Nicole Jahr, Director of Lifelong Learning, for Confirmation information.


Educate young people in the way to go, and even when they grow old, they will not depart from it.

~ Proverbs 22:6

Midrasha Welcomes New Director
Kimberly Rosenthal

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Email Kimberly Rosenthal, Director, at midrasha@jewishmadison.org