All Midrasha students are expected to attend all classes. Study for tests and exams in public school, sports or other extracurricular activities do not qualify for excused absences. Midrasha does not differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. Students must attend two-thirds of their classes in order to receive credit. If you know you will be absent, please call (608) 278-1808 or email midrasha@jewishmadison.org and let us know.


Snow Days

There are times when weather conditions may force Midrasha to cancel classes. If the weather is inclement, you may determine whether classes will be held by calling Jewish Federation of Madison for Wednesday class information and Temple Beth El for Sundays.


Wednesday classes - a decision to cancel classes will be made at 3:00 pm. You may call the Federation office at (608) 278-1808 between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. It will also be posted on this website's home page by 3:00 pm.


Sunday classes - a decision to cancel classes will be made prior to 9:00 am. Any building closures will be posted at tbemadison.org



Midrasha follows the rules of Kashrut in both Beth Israel Center and Temple Beth El. Students may not bring food to Midrasha. They may buy snacks - bagels & cream cheese, candy, soda, and fruit - during the break Wednesday nights and eat their snack purchases only during the breaks and only in the designated areas; no food will be allowed in the classrooms. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.



Once students arrive at Midrasha, they are expected to remain in the building until Midrasha has ended unless parents have requested in writing to the Director that we excuse them early. Students are not permitted to leave the building without permission from the Director at anytime Midrasha is in session - including breaks. Any student found outside of the building during class or break time will be suspended from school for the rest of the evening and a phone call will be made home. A second offense will result in suspension from the school for the rest of the semester and loss of credit.


All Midrasha students are expected to abstain from the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substances, or their buying, dispensing or selling on the Midrasha premises or grounds. A student who uses or possesses alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances at Midrasha or at a co-sponsored or extra-curricular activity will be suspended from Midrasha classes for the rest of the semester and lose credit.


Midrasha students are expected to be positive participants in their courses. If behavioral issues should arise, the following procedures will take place in successive order:

1) The teacher will talk with the student.

2) The Director will talk with the student.

3) The parents will be notified. Progress reports may also be sent home throughout the semester.

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