Our Mission


The mission of the Jewish Federation of Madison is to work toward building a strong and unified Jewish community in order to ensure the survival, well-being and continuity of the Jewish people in this area, in Israel and throughout the world.


Jewish Federation of Madison acts to develop the resources and create the initiatives required to support agencies, activities, services and programs which strive to fulfill this mission.


The primary goals pursued by Jewish Federation of Madison to fulfill this mission are:

  • To develop human and financial resources.
  • To encourage and support Jewish educational programs, formal and informal, at all levels.
  • To support the social service needs of the Jewish community.
  • To affirm, support and strengthen our relationship with the people of and the State of Israel.
  • To enhance the quality of life for Jews in other countries and to support the migration of Jews in peril.
  • To maintain effective relationships and understanding between the Jewish community and the community-at-large.
  • To cooperate with other organizations in meeting the needs of the Jewish community.
  • To coordinate, plan and implement programs and services in order to maximize the effectiveness of the Jewish community and how it relates to working with the total community.
  • To engage in community-wide planning in order to accomplish this mission.
  • Building A Strong Jewish Community

    The Jewish Federation of Madison supports programs and initiatives locally and abroad.