Our Mission


To inspire, build, and sustain vibrant Jewish life by fostering diverse opportunities to connect at every age and mobilizing our community in common purpose, in Madison, Israel, and around the world.


Our Vision

A flourishing, engaged, inclusive Jewish community in a thriving world - today and always.


Our Values

  • KLAL YISRAEL | the collective unity of the Jewish people
  • TZEDAKAH | the obligation to care for those in need
  • TIKKUN OLAM | the repairing of the world
  • TORAH | the commitment to lifelong Jewish learning


Our Priorities

  • ENGAGING with Jewish life and each other
  • CARING for the vulnerable
  • CONNECTING with Israel and the Jewish people worldwide
  • BUILDING and strengthening communal networks and security


Creating an Inclusive Jewish Community

The Jewish Federation of Madison is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization, our programs, and the work we do. We embrace and value differences, such as ethnicity and national origin, religious denomination and spiritual practice, race, color, age, gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic levels, and mental and physical ability. We recognize that there are people missing from our circle, and we must take steps to diversify and widen the circle in what we do to create a connected community where everyone matters and everyone belongs.


Strategic Plan

The Jewish Federation of Madison completed a strategic plan in April 2022 to guide our organizational decisions and actions over the coming five years by identifying where proactive and sustained work can have an impact. The strategic planning process started in November 2020 and incorporated input through focus groups, interviews, and surveys from a cross-section of stakeholder representatives, including Jewish Federation of Madison staff, board members, donors, beneficiaries, and community members. The interactive and engaging process produced an updated vision, mission statement, values, and functional priorities our staff and Board have embraced (outlined above on this page). It also showed us that our organization’s key strengths include strong educational programs and good financial management, but that we could be more inclusive and data and analytics-driven. Using the ideas and suggestions in the strategic plan, the Jewish Federation of Madison intends to take significant steps toward broadening our tent, evaluating our programs, and seeking ongoing, regular input from our community. This new plan is our collective vision for our future.

  • Inspiring, Building & Sustaining Vibrant Jewish Life

    Jewish Federation of Madison has been enriching Jewish life and assisting those facing hardship here at home and around the world since 1940 - supporting more than 20 essential local agencies and programs, as well as humanitarian programs in Israel and 70 other countries globally.