Goodman Aquatic Center Repair Status & Projected Opening June 19

Below is a letter sent on Monday, June 14 via email to all Goodman Aquatic Center members regarding the status of the pool repairs and projected opening.

Good evening everyone,

Thank you for your continued patience as we work diligently with our pool company to get the pool up and running for our 2021 season. We think we are almost there! We are aiming for opening on Saturday, June 19, if all goes according to plan. Here is what is going on.

Last week we ran into numerous issues while filling the pool. It is believed that these issues arose due to all the mechanical systems sitting dormant since September of 2019. The biggest issue we encountered was a major leak in one of our filtration pipes. These pipes are made of steel and are very large in diameter as their purpose is to allow all 250,000 gallons of water in the pool to circulate every six hours. In order to do that, the water must run through these pipes under a very high rate of pressure. Because of this leak, we were not able to run the motors out of concern that the pipe could blow up.

This morning we were able to have the leak patched. We will know on Wednesday morning if the patch worked as that is when we will be able to turn on the motors and begin to circulate the water through the pipes. Assuming there is no leak, we will begin to balance the water and should be able to open on Saturday.

So, we will update you again on Thursday to see if we are on track to open Saturday, June 19. Keep your fingers crossed! Registration dates for all open and lap swim sessions are closed until beginning on Saturday the 19 through the end of June.

Goodman Aquatic Center Management and Staff

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