Jewish Federation of Madison Proposed By-law Amendment

Meeting of the Members
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 at 7:30 PM
Jewish Federation of Madison
6434 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI 53719

The Executive Committee of the Jewish Federation of Madison proposes to amend Article III, Section 15 of the Jewish Federation of Madison’s by-laws. This paragraph currently reads:

“The Board of Directors or the President may authorize, and appoint or remove members of (whether or not members of the Board of Directors), standing and/or temporary committees to consider appropriate matters, make reports to the President and/or Board of Directors, and fulfill such other advisory functions as may be designated. The designation of such standing and/or temporary committees, and the members thereof, shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board of Directors. Members of standing and temporary committees must be Members in good standing. Chairs of committees shall not serve for more than four (4) consecutive years.”

The amendment is to delete the sentence
“Members of standing and temporary committees must be Members in good standing”

And replace it with
“A Member of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Budget and Planning Committee, the Panels (Jewish Education, Overseas and National, Administration and Personnel, and Local Services & Agencies), the Finance Committee, Endowment Committee, and Financial Resources Development Committee must be a Member in good standing. An individual who is not a Member in good standing may participate in other committees by approval of the President unless the Board of Directors directs otherwise. Such an individual must become a Member in good standing before 24 months elapse following his or her appointment in order to continue committee participation. All Chairs of Committees must be members in good standing.”

A Member is defined in the by-laws as follows: “Every person who contributes to the Corporation a fixed sum set by the Board of Directors from time to time shall become a Member of the Corporation and shall remain a Member as long as she or he contributes the fixed sum set by the Board of Directors each year.”

The intent of this amendment is to permit non-Members to engage with the Jewish Federation of Madison through committee participation. We hope that active involvement with committees will increase engagement and understanding of the Jewish Federation of Madison and the work that we do, which in turn will encourage membership and support.

Please join us on Tuesday, April 19th at 7:30 PM for a Meeting of the Members to vote on the proposed amendment.

RSVP to Dina Weinbach, Executive Director, at or by calling 608-278-1808.


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