Partners In Community: Jewish Social Services and the Jewish Federation

Dear Friends,

JSS' history and genesis have been intertwined with the Jewish Federation of Madison since the 1930s. Without the Jewish Federation, there would be no JSS. Over the years, JSS' mission has grown, and so have staff space needs. During the last few years, JSS staff and departments have been located in two separate buildings within small physical quarters due to the lack of space available at the Federation location.

Several months ago, the JSS Board approved JSS' relocation plans in alignment with its vision of integrated services across departments and developing a more cohesive agency in support of increased demand regarding client needs and programming. JSS also felt that security could be managed better with staff housed in one location. After several months of searching, JSS was fortunate to locate space one block away at 6300 Enterprise Lane, Suite 309, effective April 1, 2024. Relocating to this location allows JSS the space to accommodate increased staff and client needs. This location also enables JSS to remain in close proximity to the Jewish Federation of Madison.

Despite being physically separated, JSS and the Jewish Federation remain partners equally committed to each other and the success and sustaining of our shared Jewish community. JSS is grateful for the many years of support and space provided by the Jewish Federation of Madison. We look forward to continuing to share many simchas together – especially the annual building of our sukkah, which we began in 2022, continued staff potlucks, and Erev Shabbat events with Gan HaYeled Preschool (and its Café B'Gan special challah delivery).

Please join us in celebrating the new location of JSS during an Open House TBA in May 2024.


Kai Yael Gardner Mishlove
Executive Director, JSS Madison

Alan Klugman
Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Madison