Hopes for Peace with Cease-Fire between Israel and Gaza

Earlier this week there was an escalation in fighting between Hamas and the IDF. It began when an IDF force operating secretly in the Gaza Strip was exposed and attacked by Hamas gunmen. Six members of the military wing of Hamas and an IDF lieutenant colonel were killed in fire exchange. Following this, over the course of two days, Hamas fired over 450 rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilian population. Thanks to Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile technology, many of the rockets were intercepted and many lives were saved. As a result of the attacks, one person was killed, dozens injured, tens of thousands of families had to stay in shelters, and many homes were destroyed. We are thankful that our partner The Jewish Agency for Israel is on the ground in southern Israel helping people affected by rocket fire.

As of Tuesday evening, there has been a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. We send our prayers of healing to all those injured, and hope this cease-fire is the beginning of a long-lasting solution and a step towards peace in the region.

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